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Bird of Paradise Triple Scented Candle

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While there are many versions of Bird of Paradise out thereour blend is the sweet, fruity version based in strawberry with very slight floral undertones. This scent is favored by many and a best seller fragrance with all of our product lines.

4.5 Star Scent throw

Our beautiful 12 oz scented candles are double wicked in a round (or square, depending on availability) glass jar measuring 4" tall.

Color: white with teal and yellow marbleization.

Our beautiful 12 oz scented candles are double wicked in a round (or square, depending on availability) glass jar measuring 4" tall.

Burn time: 70+ hours.

Be sure to allow entire top of wax to become liquid before extinguishing to ensure proper burn, and trim wicks before re-lighting to reduce sooting!!

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