zz3 Whipped Shea & Avocado Body Butter

For head to toe* skin nourishing and conditioning try our Whipped Shea & Avocado Body Butter, it's hand whipped to a thick, creamy consistency reminiscent of butter cream icing.

We use natural ingredients to create this masterpiece of skin luxuriousness! It melts upon contact with your skin, acts as an additional barrier of protection, and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. I like to use right after a bath to lock in moisture, especially on the rough, dry areas. Shea and avocado are both packed with vitamins and  have been known to help improve dry skin problems such as eczema (which is exactly the reason I began making this product - my son suffered for years with horrible bouts of eczema)Try some today, your skin will thank you.

*Avoid facial and other sensitive areas.

12 oz clear jar with black lid